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Technology Centre
TASL Technology center focused upon defense projects which has predominantly four key requirements among others

1. Interoperability & Integration with Legacy Systems
2. Network Synchronization
3. Ruggedization : Environmental , Mechanical, EMI/EMC
4. Security for both Voice and Data Networks

As per above requirements Test Bed setup has been created involving multiple technologies/Devices combining and simulating real time which is a combination of as modern information technology network (IP based) as well as Legacy systems being used in earlier times.

Key points regarding this Test bed are:
1. Based upon Tactical Communication System
   a. IP backbone structure consisting of High End routers
   b. Integration with PSTN network
   c. Integration with DSL network
   d. Integration with Free Open Network Management System
   e. Integration with Commercial Network management system
   f. Integration with TDM network ( In progress)
   g. Integration with SDH network ( In progress)

2. Interoperability of Multi Vendor devices
   a. L2 devices
   b. L3 devices
   c. Windows & Linux systems

The following communications are demonstrated in present set up;
1. Voice ,VoIP Call from DSL network to PSTN Network
2. Voice & VOIP call from Unit Level Node A to Unit Level Node B
3. Video & Data call from Unit Level Node A to Unit Level Node B
4. Network Management System for Technology Center Test Bed
5. DHCP Server On Linux installation for dynamic allocation of IPs
6. FTP Server Installation on Linux for File Sharing
7. Video surveillance systems as a subsystem of BSS

Tata Tata Tata

RF Centre
RF Centre is addressing Interoperability & communication between legacy system and latest technology products, development of RF/Microwave systems and it’s testing & validation for Ruggedization/Indigenization requirements.

We are building up capabilities for showcasing the integration with various networks like

  • Wi-MAX
  • VSAT (SOTM, Mobile and Transportable),
  • Wi-Fi
  • LTE
  • P25 Handheld Radio.

We are also building skill sets to address R&D opportunities related to various

  • RF & Microwave passive components & systems and it’s testing,
  • Encryption development
  • Wireless Evaluation Board & Kits verification for next generation network capability.

We are demonstrating Forward–Edge communication scenario to address forthcoming Defense projects like F-INSAS, BMS and TCS. In this demonstration, we are using  Soldier Radio that works in UHF Band Frequency of Operation (350–450 MHz) having Multiple Channel Bandwidths (25 KHz, 500 KHz, 1.2 MHz) for Different mode of transmission and Multiple Power Levels (0.25W, 1W, 2W) and this can go up to 20W with external PA. It supports 256kbps Throughput rate. We have 3 sections to demonstrate Priority Voice for Direct Communication in Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point Communication Mode with Broadcast and Multicast options, Communication with Public Domain using Red-LAN, and Re-transmission mode for Voice, Data, and SA and Re-broadcast mode for Voice and SA respectively.


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