Command & Control Systems » Maritime Systems

Modern marine vessels need enhanced monitoring and automation capabilities. TASL offers integrated command and control systems that are the next generation of monitoring, platform automation and decision-making enabling systems. Through these, TASL ensures that the current Navy enhances operational efficiency and marine viability.

Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)

TASL offers a modular / scalable open architecture IPMS for offshore platforms of all sizes, categories, and types. Proven systems provide comprehensive monitoring of platform propulsion machinery and aggregate, power generation and distribution equipment, stabilizer / steering gear equipment, vehicle system auxiliary equipment and damage control equipment.
Systems with built-in redundancy can be seamlessly integrated with other on board command and control systems.

Main feature

  • Follow the open architecture standards, modular and scalable
  • Network architecture with distributed architecture that allows secure and authorized remote access
  • Highly reliable network design with redundancy and self-healing capabilities
  • Ruggedized systems, consoles and racks catering for marine standards
  • Scenario-based simulated training capabilities
  • Capability to integrate seamlessly with other on-board command & control systems

Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

Integrated Bridge Systems displays the situation relevant tactical and operational information and enables the ship’s navigator in prompt decision making. The system is designed for safety and navigational efficiency of the marine platforms.

Apart from integrating with the on-board navigational sensors and aids, the Integrated Bridge System is capable of seamless integration with other ship-borne Command & Control systems Certified ARPA and ECDIS modules integrated with TASL IBS enables the display of all tactical and operational information as per customer needs.

Key Characteristics :

  • Mission Planning and Voyage Management Module
  • Conning System provides information on important navigational sensors during passage and important ship operations/ evolutions
  • Health Monitoring System
  • Plan Position Interface with Chart Overlay
  • Track Information Display
  • Steering Module used to steer the ship (manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes)
  • Navigational Safety Module
  • Closed Circuit Television Operation and Presentation
  • Voyage Data Recorder

Combat Management System (CMS)

TATA Advanced Systems has partnered with Terma A/S Denmark for Combat Management Systems for Navies & Coast Guard. CMS includes function for maritime picture compilation , battle management , helicopter landings and search & rescue operations.

Key Offerings include:

  • Fully integrated Combat Management System
  • Data link solution for sharing common operational diagrams
  • Intelligent decoy launch system, 130 mm ammunition
  • Electro-optical radar fire-fighting system integration ability
  • Integrated with a wide range of radars and sensors for superior performance and small target detection in all weather conditions
  • RHIB and IPV's compact command and control system