Aerostructures has been identified as an area of strategic importance for the Tata Group. Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) has been established as the lead entity for aerostructures, to develop into an umbrella organization for aerostructures.  
Within a short span of time, TASL has developed into a leading player with established capabilities and demonstrated deliveries on programs for the leading global aerospace OEMs. With 3 programs in operations, and more than 600 highly trained resources, TASL is on its way towards becoming the global supplier of choice of aerospace OEMs.  
The backbone of our vision is the capability across the value chain - design, engineering, detailed part manufacturing and major structural assembly. Programs are nurtured with the highest level of customer focus and safety, delivered through robust quality systems, procedures and practices – AS 9100, NADCAP. These have resulted in fast-track execution and operationalization with our proven strengths in program management and the strategic backing of the Tata Group.  
Leading OEMs have forged strategic relationships with us. TASL has built world class assembly and part fabrication facility and have strong relationship with major OEMs across the world .
Sikorsky S92 Helicopter Cabin Assembly
  • First Major Aerostructure Program in private sector in INDIA.
  • First article delivered and accepted by customer.
  • In series production and volume ramp-up.
  • 120+ S92 Helicopter cabin assemblies delivered
Lockheed Martin C-130J Empennage & Center Wing-Box Assembly
  • TASL -Lockheed Martin JV established as First program for US Defence.
  • Managing complex assemblies for critical control-surfaces.
  • Creating offset credit for the customer
  • 44+ C130 J Empennage and 28 Center Wing Box already delivered to Lockheed Martin
Detailed part manufacturing for S92 cabin
  • TASL - Sikorsky JV has established aerospace manufacturing capabilities.
  • Vast range of in-house processes makes it the most advanced private sector unit in India.
  • Poised to take up future business with the best of Indian and Global customers.
Programs Delivered

Pilatus PC -12 Green Aircraft

Major green structure assembly of PC-12 Aircraft Two Wing Set delivered. First Green Aircraft delivery planned in September 2016.

Cobham – Refuelling Pod Structures

Air to Air refuelling pod assembly taken up by TASL and more than 10 ship-set delivered to the customer

Boeing 777 Structures

Contract awarded to TASL in 2015 and first delivery to Boeing within 7 months from the award of the contract. 30+ shipsets already delivered with 100% Quality and On-Time Delivery

Rolls Royce Engines Parts

Tata Advanced Systems have partnered with Rolls – Royce for precision manufacturing and supply chain for the TRENT and BR700 engine programs. Dedicated facility set up within 6 months from award of contract and more than 100,000 precision parts delivered to Rolls- Royce. Won the "Trusted to Deliver Excellence" Award and was nominated for the "Best New Supplier" Award at the Rolls Royce Aerospace Global Supplier Conference 2016 in Berlin.

Boeing – AH 6i Vertical Stabilizer Assembly

Being a tech transfer program from Boeing, the floor beam manufacturing was jointly developed by Boeing and TASL ( formerly known as TAL) was the only non-US supplier in 2012 proven out this Composite Floor Beams for Boeing Aircraft.

Boeing 787 ACFB Program

  • In 2012 TASL (formerly known as TAL) was the only non-US supplier approved to provide the  proven-out Composite Floor Beams for Boeing Aircraft airplanes used in Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft in four sections (Section 41, 43, 46 and 47).
  • TASL consistently performs with a 100% on-time delivery and a 100% quality rating.
  • +30000 Beams i.e. approx. 468 shipsets shipped to date.
  • TASL retains unique capabilities for Composite (Lay up , Ply cutting, GFM, OLT, HDF Autoclave, ASRS , C-Scan) , Machining (5 Axis, Water Jet, Robotic Shot peening), Special processes (Multi process tank line for 6 m Long Parts), Assembly, Quality etc.

Avcorp Rod Assembly Program

  • The project scope consists of manufacturing and supply of rod assemblies which are part of the wheel well fairing unit for Boeing 737 Max and NG variants.
  • The highlight of the manufacturing operations is swaging of the rods, also other processes include cadmium plating and magnetic particle inspection along with HT, chemical conversion coating.
  • TASL is single source to Avcorp and Tier 2 supplier for Boeing for these components.
  • Till date TASL has delivered more than 15000 assemblies.

Ruag Detail Parts & Subassembly Program

  • High rate structural detail parts and subassemblies for Airbus A320 Family Program
  • Manufacturing of more than 550 by type Machining, Extrusion and Sheet metal parts and special processes viz heat treatment, Dye Penetration testing, Anodizing, painting etc.
  • In series production and volume ramp-up
  • Global single source supplier for Section 15 & section 19.1 of A320 family metallic parts & sub-assemblies
  • TASL Nagpur have high speed 5 Axis Machining - Upto 4 Meters
  • Delivered more than 2 Million parts till date to Customer

Rolls Royce Trent 1000 & Trent XWB Complex Fab Assemblies

  • First Complex fabrication assemblies (Shrouds & Seals) program offered in India.
  • Manufacturing of Precision components, its assemblies and special processes viz. Welding, Vacuum Heat Treatment, Sacrificial coating, mass balancing, etc.
  • First article delivered and accepted by customer.
  • In series production and volume ramp-up.
  • 150+ Complex fab assemblies delivered to Rolls Royce.
Programs under Execution

Boeing AH64 Apache Fuselage

TATA and Boeing have entered into a Joint Venture to fabricate and assemble the fuselage for the AH64 Apache helicopter

Boeing AH64 Apache Secondary Structures

TATA Advanced Systems have also been contracted for the AH64 Apache secondary structures and the first delivery planned by Q4, 2017

Boeing CH47 ChinookAft. Fuselage Panels

TATA Advanced Systems have been contracted to deliver the Aft Fuselage Panels for Boeing CH47 Chinook Helicopter. First delivery expected from Q4 of 2016.

GE LEAP Engines Parts

TATA Advanced Systems have been contracted for Precision Manufacturing, supply chain for LEAP engine Program for GE

Boeing 737 MLGD Program

  • B737 Main Landing Gear & Forward Access Door program signed between TASL and Boeing commercial Aircraft on 30th June 2019 for the delivery of 8 Assembly kits.
  • One of its kind Program making TASL, a tier 1 supplier with the Combination of Metallic and composite components meant to be assembled on Boeing 737 max and NG Series of commercial planes
  • Involves Special process capability Viz. Chemical conversion coating, Boric sulphuric acid coating, Fluorescent penetrant inspection

Boeing 737 Vertical Fin Detail Parts Program

  • TASL Nagpur plant supports TBAL Hyderabad with supply of 359 unique Detail parts for the prestigious B737 Vertical Fin program.
  • First of its kind program within TASL group with first ever program to have FSDA requirement.
  • Involves Special process capability Viz. Chemical conversion coating, Boric sulphuric acid coating, Fluorescent penetrant inspection
TASL Nagpur will carry out-
  • 3 Axis & 5 Axis Machining - Upto 2.2 Meters
  • Sheet metal and extrusion forming – Upto 3 Meters
  • Special process – BSA, FPI, CCC, Coloured coating, Primer & top coat, Teflon Coating, shot peening & Ti Descaling.