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Land Systems
TASL & its subsidiary NOVA are involved in design & manufacture of Mission control Centers (MCC) & Combat Management Systems (CMS). These Mobile MCC & CMS units are designed to ensure deployment in any physical geography and operate under extreme weather conditions. In addition, these shelter and trailer based units are designed to survive HEMP & BC Events. The MCC units are equipped with multi-layer Satellite Communication backed by rugged leased line connectivity using national information backbone. The satellite Communication network of the MCC can be designed to operate in HUB / MESH architecture delivering Point to Point or All Aware network model. Additional communication equipment like Line of Sight Radio Links can also be used based on mission requirements.  The mission centers are customizable based on user requirements. They can be configured with Enterprise Grade equipment for intensive computing application or provided with compact & rugged units for switching, routing, VoIP and network management.

TASL is also focusing on developing complementary products that are integral part of Command Control Systems. Some such products that TASL has developed are Rugged switches, Radio Interoperability Gateways with VoIP, Precision Timing Protocols, Network Management Systems and RF Planning & Deployment Tools. These enable seamless connectivity and quick deployment of Mission Control Centers and Missile launchers in Tactical Battle Area.