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TATA Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) & its 100 % subsidiary NOVA are involved in design & manufacture of Mission Control Centres (MCC) & Combat Management Systems (CMS). These form an essential element in today’s Missile Defence system.



  • Connectivity to various field sensors like Radar, Electro Optic Sensors, UAVs
  • Process received information for threat evaluation and allocates available resources for effective neutralization of hostile targets
  • Act as Decision Support System for the Mission Commander.

Key Features

  • Shelter and trailer based units designed & manufactured to ensure deployment in any physical geography and operate under extreme weather conditions
  • Designed to survive HEMP and BC Exposure.
  • Equipped with multi-layer Satellite Communication backed by rugged leased line connectivity using National Information
  • Provide secure converged Voice, Video and Data Services. Ruggedized Gateways provide interoperability with Radios operating in different frequency bands.
  • Multi-Layer, fail safe communication link over Satellite, Line of sight, Leased line and Optical Media
  • Redundancy of all essential command and communication hardware.
  • Capable of operating for long duration using in-house captive power supply. Independent operations.