Aerostructures and Aero-engines

TASL Aerostructures Division makes the full structure for the entire Pilatus PC12 aircraft, for Global demand

Tata Lockheed Martin Aerostructures

TASL JV with Lockheed Martin is the single source of C – 130J empennages globally to Lockheed Martin

Tata Boeing Aerospace

TASL's JV with Boeing makes the Apache helicopter fuselage for export to Boeing in the US

Airbus C295

TASL in collaboration with Airbus will manufacture & assemble medium–lift tactical C-295 transport aircraft for Indian Air Force in India

Airborne Platforms and Systems

TASL's Airborne Platforms & Systems Division is developing advanced UAVs


Innovative Technology Solutions in Physical and Cyber Security

Command & Control Systems

Design, Development and Production of Mission Centres and Combat Management Systems

Missile Launchers

TASL indigenously designs, develops and produces missile and rocket launchers (like Akash, MRSAM, TCT Agni, ULAD, Pinaka) for Indian Armed Forces

Surface Surveillance Radar

Manufacturing, assembly & integration since 2017 in Defence division, Noida Plant

Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems

TASL has indigenously designed and developed, with DRDO, a 155mm x 52 Calibre Howitzer with maximum range of 45+ Kms. It has an electric drive and is a fully automatic gun that is reliable in all-terrain and climate conditions.


TASL has indigenously designed and developed, with DRDO, a Wheeled Infantry Combat Vehicle, with amphibious capability. It is an all-terrain and climate system that has been procured by the Indian Army.

Tata Mine Protected Vehicle

It is fully designed and manufactured in-house and delivers an unmatched combination of proven performance in the harshest operating conditions along with low maintenance and lifecycle cost. The Tata MPV is an “in-service” platform with the Indian Army.

Our Products & Services


Tata Advanced Systems has been delivering end-to-end solutions for OEMs across the world. Our scope of work ranges through design & engineering, advanced tool design & manufacture, complex machining, composites, sheet metal fabrication and equipped airframe assemblies underpinned by an inclusive range of special processes and multi customer qualifications. Over the years, we have developed unique precision manufacturing capabilities to meet the exacting standards demanded for Aero-engine components and sub-assemblies, with an ability to handle global work transfers.


Tata Advanced Systems’ Airborne Platforms and Systems division is focused on complex mission systems integration for both Fixed and Rotary Wing Platforms. It has developed in-house capabilities to integrate its own Mission Computer with different sensors for Airborne Command and Control Systems and has developed Ground Control Systems for Manned Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Platforms and UAVs.


Tata Advanced Systems has built up an unmatched depth of capability in integration of various sensors, weapons with cutting edge technologies to deliver complete platform solutions for the armed and paramilitary forces, homeland security agencies and state police forces. The Tatas have played a vital role in delivering key solutions across the technology spectrum for vital military programs of national importance.

Land Mobility

Tata Advanced Systems’ offers a wide range of products operating across the entire spectrum of Military Vehicles from Logistics to front-line Combat. Tata Advanced Systems today is the largest private sector mobility player in the Defence space in India. Our mobility solutions portfolio includes all classes of vehicles from light to heavy combat range for the Indian and International Armed Forces.

Leadership that Inspires

For over 100 years, the Tata group has been led by visionaries who have stayed true to the vision of the founder Sir Jamsetji Tata.
Our vision articulates the Group's values and ideals that guide and govern the conduct of our companies as well as our colleagues in all matters relating to business.

News & Updates

TASL along with ARDE, DRDO successfully completed winter PSQR trials at Sikkim in Feb-Mar2021 and Summer PSQR trials in Jul-Aug 2021 at Pokaran Firing range of Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)

TASL has delivered two squadrons of Akash Air Force Launchers (AAFL) to Indian Air force within 12 to 18 months from receipt of Supply Order.

To overcome the challenges & further prepare the country for the fight against COVID-19, Tata Advanced Systems has delivered 309 PSA Oxygen plants & commissioned 275 PSA Oxygen Plants across India.

TASL has been awarded a contract from Indian MoD for supplying Quick Reaction Force Vehicle (TATA APC) 4x4 with Integrated Logistic & Maintenance Support (ILS) including warranty support at two forward locations for 8 years to Indian Army

TASL has been awarded contract from Indian MoD for supplying Wheeled Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle 8x8 built on TATA Wheeled Armoured Platform (WhAP 8x8), with Integrated Logistic & Maintenance Support (ILS) including warranty support at two forward locations for 5 years to Indian Army

22th September, 2021

TASL to make C-295 transport aircraft for Indian Air Force in India in September 2021

22nd February, 2021

Tata Advanced Systems participated in Aero India 2021 at Bengaluru in February 2021 showcasing a wide range of innovative and integrated solutions to secure India’s Land, Sea and Sky.

16th July, 2020

TASL – Cyber Security Conducted a Webinar on Next-Gen SOC in association with DSCI in July 2020

3rd March, 2020

NOVA Integrated Systems Does Ground breaking ceremony of its Electronic Manufacturing Facility in March 2020

22nd February, 2020

TASL Exhibited in 11th Edition of Defence Expo at Lucknow in February 2020

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